About Us

Doctors Fighting Childhood Obesity

Founded in 2022, HomeGrownHealth is a hopeful response to the childhood obesity epidemic that is transforming the pediatric healthcare landscape and our society as a whole.  It is a recognition that as pediatric healthcare providers we are in a unique position to advocate for healthy communities and must do everything in our power to confront a food ecosystem that is making our children sick.

Food And Nutrition Programs

We give away thousands of plants a year, at our giveaway events and in our medical office, to help children understand their connection to their food sources.

Accessible Healthy Eating

By planting our own food, children understand how easy and fun it can be to eat healthy foods. It also can be much more affordable and a lifelong learning lesson.

Investing in our future

Our kids are our future, and there’s nothing more important than giving them the energy and nutrients they need to flourish. Our program helps kids and parents understand the link between healthy food and a healthy body.

Community Plant Donations

We will continue to donate plants to the community to help fight the epidemic of child obesity, to foster a connection between children and their food, and help parents understand that growing food can be fun and affordable.

Our Future Plans

In addition to providing free plants to the community at our clinic and free events, we will be starting a blog containing gardening tips, healthy recipes, and links to healthy lifestyle ideas for families.

Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors